Data volumes are increasing and have no sign of slowing


  • Data keeps getting bigger as more people adopt technology and connect to the internet worldwide. VelociData stands as a guardian against the waves of data that threaten to overwhelm traditional data analysis. We drink from the fire hose to bring the vast amounts of data down to manageable levels for your systems.


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Track down issues in your network before they impact your end users

  • VelociRaptor

  • The VelociRaptor Pack truly embodies drinking from the firehose. A hunter appliance taps directly into fiber ethernet on the backbone of your network to look directly at the feed and pull out hard to extract diagnostics information. The alpha appliance then takes that information and gives you the tools to direct your resources in the most effective ways possible. Learn more >>


We can have your data in the form you need – when you need it


  • The VelociVortex Cluster allows you to offload and accelerate your traditional ETL pipeline. The appliance can take your data from all different sources and speed up its transformation into other forms. We offer connections to a variety of systems including big data and mainframes so you can get the most out of your data. Learn more >>


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