VelociData’s unique solution for transforming, sharing and protecting streaming data and enterprise data assets is backed by over 40 patents and a decade in the most demanding financial systems environments. More »

  • It’s ESCA, the first ever

    Enterprise Streaming Compute Appliance

    ESCA combines high performance CPU, core-dense GPU, and advanced FPGA components at the system level, and adds with more than a million lines of programming to deliver optimized data streaming and batch processing between all kinds of systems in the network. ESCA is the fastest solution available for serial compute operations, by a considerable margin.
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  • VelociData Enterprise Streaming Compute Appliance
    Download the ESCA overview to learn:

    • how the technology works
    • measurements of streaming compute performance
    • the value proposition
    • how ESCA affects your business
    • how you can try ESCA

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