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Improving customer experience in an increasingly interconnected world.

With over 5 million new devices interconnected daily, you have a growing challenge to manage your operations, deliver new services, and improve user experience all while reducing operational costs.  Business as usual is not going to cut it—a new approach is required.  You are now responsible for delivering a high Quality of Experience (QoE) for millions of wireless devices. To help, VelociData focuses on the Four C’s of IoT for Operational Management™:


  • Current solutions provide little visibility into Wi-Fi gateways and no visibility into the connected devices
  • The VelociData Raptor captures the bulk telemetry from these devices and allows you to see, in real-time, your customer’s QoE


  • The vastly different and large numbers of gateways and connected devices creates an untenable amount of data to normalize, filter, store, and scrub
  • The VelociData Raptor is able to render this data to manageable levels on the fly, saving you time and money


  • All of this data requires systems to understand, match, and align features
  • The VelociData Raptor adds context and highlights connected events from raw information providing your support team with highly relevant information


  • With hyper-growth in the number of customer Wi-Fi devices, taking proactive and responsive action for each individual customer is currently not feasible
  • The VelociData Raptor allows you to control and automate different actions to proactively improve customer QoE and keep your support team focused on business-critical initiatives

VelociData for the Final Hop

Commanding Real-Time Actions on Wi-Fi Gateways in Massive Networks

  • Providers are aggressively delivering Wi-Fi gateways
  • Over 5.5 million new devices attaching daily [Gartner 2016]
  • Wi-Fi issues are escalating, increasing cost and impacting customer QoE
  • Effective diagnosis requires history from both customer gateways and each connected Wi-Fi device
  • Automation requires real-time decisions
  • We solve this Big Data problem with the VelociData Raptor


VelociData provides a platform that enables you to:

  • Diagnose customer in-home Wi-Fi problems and automate remedies and actions
  • Use cable modem and CMTS/CCAP data to isolate cable
    plant problems
  • Enable Big Data analytics to solve network issues before they degrade performance
  • Efficiently improve plant performance to enable DOCSIS 3.1 high-bandwidth rollout
  • Enable the correlation of content, plant conditions, and network state to identify service issues before they impact customers

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