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Data Integration at the Speed of Your Data

VelociData Innovation

• Proven data integration and security capabilities demonstrated in the financial and enterprise markets
• Real-time integration, presentation, and a unified view of data for analytic development
• VelociData can capture and curate massive real-time telemetry from the delivery plant including devices within the smart home
• VelociData can integrate and correlate data from billing systems, geo repositories, structured and unstructured data warehouses, and customer support expert systems
• VelociData can cleanse data so that Big Data repositories add value rather than simply occupying space, driving excess capital, expense, and support
• VelociData can extract features that will allow efficient use of data for algorithmic development and deployment especially for automating proactive and corrective actions and commands
• VelociData can obfuscate the data through masking and encryption including format preserving output



Business Values

Delivering Continuous Decisioning
Capture and Curation as a processor for data ingest
• Data normalization and cleansing as data are flowing
• Selection and filtering based on business rules
Yields cleaner stores and more usable data

Correlation and Command as a helping hand for decisioning
• Integrating with historic or reference data to assist analytics
• Automate responses in real-time to reduce MTTR
Operational efficiency, lower TCO, higher ROI

Precision Masking as a secure data pipeline
• In-line encryption for data to be obfuscated prior to landing or transfer
• Deidentify precious fields within streaming data for development or storage – even offsite
Helps bridge gaps in compliance

Optimized for Hyper-Growth
• Capable of processing streams of unstructured, textual, structured, or semi-structured data
• Pre-process and enrich data destined for a Big Data repository
• Extreme throughput (10 Gb/s sustained) and ultra-low latency (milliseconds)